In satirical horror movie The Drone, a serial killer is struck by lightning while holding his precious, yes, drone. Weeks later, it shows up at the home of newlywed couple Chris (John Brotherton, The Conjuring) and Rachel (Alex Essoe, Starry Eyes, the upcoming Doctor Sleep). The drone films the couple and takes control of their TV, computer, security system, and car. Soon Chris and Rachel fear that the device may be connected to them…and is out for horrific, hovering revenge.

“I find it funny how lately there’s so much talk about ‘the singularity’ — and yet the closest we’ve actually come to the machines messing with us is that nobody can seem to get their printer to work,” says director and cowriter Jordan Rubin (Zombeavers). “So it started with that. I was going to shoot a fake horror trailer about a printer that becomes sentient; self-prints death threats, shoots out paper which decapitates people, continues to operate when unplugged, etc… But then I realized that drones are much more topical and mobile and actually have a little eye like the HAL 9000. I shot a fake teaser for the film, taking the absurd conceit and playing it completely straight. It made me laugh so my writing partners (Jon and Al Kaplan) and I wrote a feature length script. Producer Timur Bekmambetov saw the trailer and greenlit the movie. We shot it in 15 days with an amazing cast and crew and I’m very happy with how it turned out. It premiered at FrightFest in London this past weekend and the crowd loved it which makes me very happy.”

The Drone is released by Lionsgate on DVD, digital, and on demand, Oct. 15.

Exclusively watch the trailer for film, above.

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