If you weren’t sufficiently disturbed by Ari Aster‘s deranged folk-horror sensation Midsommar the first time around, you’re in luck…better luck than Aster’s coterie of doomed characters, anyway.

The film’s distributor, A24, has announced that Aster’s extended cut of the film will screen in select theaters nationwide this weekend. The unrated director’s cut, which features new and extended scenes and 24 new minutes of footage, previously screened at New York’s Scary Movies film festival at Lincoln Center.

Midsommar tells the twisted tale of Dani (Florence Pugh) and Christian (Jack Reynor), a troubled American couple whose relationship has seen better days. After Dani suffers a devastating loss, the pair embark on a trip to Scandinavia with friends Mark (Will Poulter), Josh (William Jackson Harper), and Pelle (Vilhelm Blomgren), who has invited the group to his remote Swedish village. There, they encounter a strange cult-like commune of villagers, whose sinister traditions are slowly unveiled.

In a Reddit AMA, Aster had said that the film’s extended version would be “at least 30 mins longer.” The new cut falls short of that — it runs 171 minutes, compared to the theatrical version’s 147 — but will undoubtedly feature plenty of the traumatizing material Aster has become known for.

You can see where the Midsommar director’s cut is playing, and buy tickets, here.

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