summer 2019 movie bracket 3

It's August Madness. In honor the blockbuster season, we're devoting a week to reliving, rehashing, and re-watching the biggest, best, and most absurd movies of summer 2019.

To kick things off, we're doing another round of our popular Bracket Battle. This summer was chock-full of sequels, remakes, absurdist action scenes, heartwarming indies, and plenty of R-ratings, so vote below for your favorites. Will the official Movie of Summer 2019 be Booksmart? John Wick 3? That totally absurd snake horror flick we're not sure if any of you saw? Check back every day for the next round. <div class="apester-media" data-media-id="5d685130111f033052cc272c" height="350"></div><script async src=""></script>

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