Avengers: Endgame will make its debut on Disney+ later this year.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige announced the news at the D23 Expo on Friday. Fans can expect the film to start streaming on the service starting Dec. 11.

The news comes just a month after the superhero blockbuster, which was first released in theaters April 26, broke Avatar‘s record to become the highest grossing film of all time.

Earlier in the day, Endgame star Robert Downey Jr. was inducted into the Disney Legends Hall of Fame at the biennual fan convention for all things Mouse House. Iron Man director Jon Favreau, Christina Aguilera, Bette Midler and many others were also honored.

Credit: ©Marvel Studios 2019

In a move that mirrored something his character Tony Stark might do, Downey Jr. started his remarks by hilariously apologizing for some of his past behavior. On a more serious note, he thanked fellow honoree Favreau and the fans for the honor. “For my part, playing Tony over many years, the thematic idea that technology can guide our species towards enlightenment or destruction, it’s been a really worthwhile and ongoing meditation. Honestly, it’s been a great gift,” he said.

The news about Endgame came during a packed panel for Disney’s upcoming streaming service, during which the company announced details about new shows such as Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, and more.

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