In the comedy-thriller Villains, Bill Skarsgård (It, the upcoming It Chapter Two) and Maika Monroe (The Guest, It Follows) play Mickey and Jules, lovers on the run, headed southbound for a fresh start in the Sunshine State. When their car dies after a gas station robbery, they break into a nearby house looking for a new set of wheels. What they find instead is a dark secret and a sweet-as-pie pair of homeowners, played by Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice, the TV version of Fargo) and Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) who will do anything to keep it from getting out.

And when we say “anything,” we mean anything as the just-released trailer for the movie abundantly demonstrates.

The film is written and directed by Dan Berk & Robert Olsen, whose previous credits include 2017’s vampire sequel The Stakelander and 2015’s Body.

Villains is set to hit cinemas on Sept. 20.

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