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August 21, 2019 at 01:19 PM EDT

Ready or Not (2019 Movie)

In the just-released horror-comedy Ready or Not, Samara Weaving (Mayhem, The Babysitter) plays Grace, a new bride who discovers that her in-laws have a strange way of welcoming people to the family.

“It’s about a woman who marries into a very rich board game dynasty,” says costar Adam Brody. “They have a tradition where a new member of the family must play a game chosen at random. She chooses the one game that is deadly, it’s a deadly game of hide and seek, and so she’s running for her life in the mansion over the course of one night. My character is the brother of her new husband (played by Mark O’Brien). He’s a bit of a misanthrope alcoholic, who’s kind of mad at the world, and also not so happy with his family or this game.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I really enjoyed Ready or Not. It tickled both my funny bone and my gore-loving bone.
ADAM BRODY: Me too, me too. When I read it, I thought this is really funny. It might even be too funny to be scary or tense. And then I saw it and I was very pleasantly surprised with how tense it was. You’re in a good spot when the third act is the best act of your movie, that’s what I think. It has such a good ending, which is wonderful and somewhat rare.

I’m not saying your character, Daniel, a cliché, but he is a recognizable type — the wayward bad seed. Was that fun to play?
You know, I think it is a cliché, but I think some clichés are great. It’s definitely at archetype. Listen, this whole movie’s a throwback, it’s a drawing room [story], candle-lit mansion, it’s pulling on all sorts of familiar archetypes, some of them that haven’t been around in a while. But, anyways, I relished playing it. It was very fun to play a miserable sonofabitch.

Credit: Eric Zachanowich/Fox Searchlight

I recently interviewed Samara Weaving who said that one of the first things she did on set was accidentally hit Andie MacDowell in the face with a prop brick. Did you have any mishaps in the course of the shoot?
Yeah, it’s like prison. You have to walk up to the biggest actor there and just punch them in the face on your first day to gain respect. Did I have any mishaps? I would say Samara does 90 percent of the physicality. So, no, I don’t think I had any mishaps to speak of.

You were being directed by two filmmakers, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet, of the group Radio Silence. What was that like?
It was actually great, because the way they broke it up — and I don’t know how conscious this was or not — but the way it worked out was, we blocked the scene, and everyone’s there, and we’re all talking. Then, when we’d be shooting it, Tyler would be dealing with the camera, and dealing with the effects, and dealing with the logistics, and Matt would come in and pow-wow with me about what should we do on the next take acting-wise. So, it was like I had my own private little acting coach, who could focus on that, rather than an individual director who was focused on everything at once.

You’re also in FX’s Mrs. America, which stars Cate Blanchett as conservative leader Phyllis Schafly. Could you talk about that?
Sure. It’s a show about to pass the Equal Rights Amendment Law in the ‘70s and there’s a whole host of amazing actors in this. I’m very lucky to be in it and get to work with some of them. I play Marc Feigen Fasteau, who’s the husband of Ari Graynor’s charcter, Brenda Feigen Fasteau. We’re both feminist allies and advocates of the movement who are also real people.

Watch the trailer for Ready or Not, above.

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