So, you thought the new Cats movie looks terrifying? Some skilled internet person was like, “Hold my beer.”

A new mash-up trailer that just hit YouTube turns the Tom Hooper adaptation of the iconic musical Cats into a legit horror movie (as if it wasn’t nightmare-inducing enough already). The video starts off as a group of concerned citizens watch a breaking news story on TV in a scene straight out of a Purge movie showing disturbing footage… but what plays on the TV is the beginning of the Cats trailer. Disturbing is right!

The footage is then intercut with scenes from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, Netflix’s Bird Box, and A Quiet Place as people continue to be horrified by the live-action cats with human faces (just like the internet was when the trailer was first released). The trailer ends with the title of a fake movie, Stephen King’s Cats, and honestly we’re shocked this isn’t real.

The mash-up trailer even got horror expert King’s seal of approval, as the author shared the video on Twitter with the hilarious caption: “I got nothin’.”

This isn’t the first horror movie trailer treatment Cats has gotten. Comedian Ian Abramson previously edited the Cats trailer dubbed over with Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It,” a song heavily featured in Us. And that edit got the original creator’s stamp of approval when Jordan Peele tweeted about it too! Maybe Cats really does work better as a horror movie?

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