Not that it’s a race, but while John Krasinski is still working on the sequel to A Quiet Place, his two co-writers on the 2018 horror hit, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, have finished their new terror tale, Haunt.

Both written and directed by the pair, Haunt concerns a group of friends who an encounter an “extreme” haunted house where the pretend terrors turn out to be all too real.

Haunt is about going inside a haunted house, and unfortunately there happen to be psychopaths inside,” Beck told EW earlier this year.

“Our main girl is Harper who’s played by Katie Stevens,” said Woods. “She is probably best known for her TV work, she’s one of the stars of The Bold Type and Faking It. Her character is this young woman who’s in this horrifyingly abusive relationship. It all comes to a head on the week leading up to Halloween. The whole idea is, like, Can I just let go, and have a good night, and move past this? All the while, we think that her ex- is following her, stalking her. We’re trying to merge this character story with kind of slasher tropes.”

Haunt is released in theaters, on demand, and digital on Sept. 13.

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