This week, just shy of six months after what would have been his 30th birthday, Anton Yelchin will make his final film appearance — in a documentary about his own tragically short life.

The late actor is the subject of Love, Antosha, a new film from director Garret Price. “There’s a whole audience that needs to learn more about Anton,” Price told EW at Sundance in January, where the movie premiered. “I met with [his parents] Viktor and Irina, and they started telling me stories about Anton, and I was hooked from day one. I knew the story needed to be told.”

In an exclusive clip from the documentary, Yelchin’s Star Trek costar Simon Pegg recalls bringing his daughter to the set, where she bonded with the young actor. “She and Anton immediately hit it off,” Pegg remembers, in a testament to how Yelchin touched the hearts of everyone he met. “They developed this little language that they were talking to each other.”

Pegg is among the dozens of famous faces who appear in the documentary to pay tribute to their late friend and collaborator, who died in a freak auto accident in 2016. “Everybody wanted to be a part of this,” Price said. “That’s true,” added Drake Doremus, who worked with Yelchin on 2011’s Like Crazy and produced Love, Antosha. “Such an extraordinary life, such a unique life. For anybody, all of us to be a part of it is just an absolute gift.”

Pegg seems to share the sentiment, for both himself and his little daughter who was so taken with the young actor. “I’ve always thought about his youth,” he reflects in the clip. “He always seemed very youthful to me. It was like seeing my daughter with one of her friends.”

Check out the exclusive clip above. Love, Antosha hits theaters in Los Angeles on Aug. 2 and New York on Aug. 9.

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