If you can believe it, beneath all the nightmarish clowning around and attempts to kill off the Losers’ Club one by one, Pennywise actually kind of missing these guys. That’s what Bill Skarsgard says in the new sneak peek at It Chapter Two that delves behind the ancitipated horror sequel.

“Pennywise has a craving for the Losers,” the actor behind the horrific clown getup explains, accompanied by fresh footage from the film. “He wants revenge, but it’s more than that.”

The featurette takes Stephen King fans behind the scenes of the second part to director Andy Muschietti’s big-screen adaptation of the It novel. It’s been 27 years since Bill, Beverly, Richie, and the gang made a blood pact to return to their hometown of Derry, Maine if it turns out they didn’t actually kill Pennywise like they thought.

Guess what? They didn’t.

James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransome, Jay Ryan, and Andy Bean play the seven members of the Losers’ Club as adults. “Tonally, the movie will feel just like the first one,” Muschietti says, “but we’ll crank up the horror aspects of it.” Viewers can tell what he means as the video shows us Chastain’s horror-history-making blood bath, a certain someone shoved into a small refrigerator, and grown-up Beverly (Chastain) running from the vision of her abusive father.

“Andy is just going for broke in terms of scope and scares,” promises Hader, who plays adult Richie.

It Chapter Two will open in theaters on Sep. 5.

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