Good Omens author Neil Gaiman joined King and del Toro in enthusiastically praising the film, written and directed by Issa López.

Shudder just unveiled the official trailer for award-winning Mexican filmmaker Issa López’s Tigers Are Not Afraid, an electrifying horror fairy tale that’s already catching the attention of the genre’s biggest filmmakers and writers.

“This is one terrific film,” It author Stephen King said of the Spanish-language supernatural thriller, which follows a group of magic, wish-wielding orphans on the run from the cartel that murdered their parents. “Two minutes in, I was under its spell.”

The film has been on the festival circuit since 2017, impressively racking up award after award. The Shape of Waterwriter-director Guillermo del Toro called it “innovative, compassionate and mesmerizing,” and Good Omens author Neil Gaiman said López “has made the most powerful story of its kind since Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Check out the haunting, gritty urban world López created in the trailer above. Tigers Are Not Afraid hits theaters in New York on Aug. 21, and in Los Angeles and Toronto on Aug. 23.

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