Avengers: Endgame may have recently surpassed Avatar as the highest-grossing motion picture in history, but there is at least one person who has yet to see the blockbuster to end all blockbusters, and it is one of the stars of the film.

Angela Bassett stopped by EW Live (SiriusXM, channel 109) on Monday to chat all about her new Netflix movie Otherhood (which hits select theaters and the streaming service Aug. 2), and when we congratulated the Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner on being part of the biggest film ever, she had a shocking confession to make. “It’s three hours long, right?” she asked. “I haven’t seen it.”

In response to our horrified screams, Bassett assured us that a plan was indeed in place. “Wait a minute,” she qualified before once again going back to that epic running time. “It is going to be on the plane. Oh, my God, carve out three hours?” (Three hours and two minutes, actually, but who’s counting?)

In Bassett’s defense, her character of Ramonda — mother to King T’Challa — may have had a major role in Black Panther, but only really has a cameo in Avengers: Endgame. So does she even know what happens in the film? “I kinda do,” said Bassett. “I was there. I don’t know where it is up in there and how it plays out.”

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While Bassett — who is currently filming season 3 of Fox’s 9-1-1 — may not have yet seen the emotional conclusion to 11 years of MCU movies, at least her 13-year-old twins have. “They’ve seen it,” she insisted. “They’ve seen it twice. I’m like, ‘Y’all have fun. I’m just gonna relax and chill at home, thanks. Tell me all about it.’”

The fact that Bassett can be so mellow about such a monumental piece of filmmaking that she appears in makes her somehow even cooler than she already was, which was already absurdly cool. Besides, by skipping Avengers: Endgame, she didn’t have to worry about falling asleep halfway through, although she seems pretty confident she could have figured it all out even if she did. “They tell me, ‘You always fall asleep in the movies, Ma,’” Bassett said with a laugh. “Then I wake up and I got, like, the general gist of what happened. And the bad guys went down and the good guys solved it and it’s all good, right? Okay!”

Okay, indeed! The legend of Angela Bassett only continues to grow. And now it is up to frequent fliers everywhere to keep an eye out for Bassett and her upcoming in-flight movie choices to see if she actually finally watches the film — and manages to stay awake.

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