"Neither one of us had read the script at this point, only this one scene," Hamill added.

Thanks to some insight from Mark Hamill on a resurfaced clip, fans can now witness one of the earliest meetings between the Luke Skywalker actor and Harrison Ford.

The black and white footage, shared on Twitter by @larwoolf, shows the duo reading lines from the original script for Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) that never made the final movie. At the time, Ford was far from director George Lucas’ first choice for Han Solo, but thanks to his chemistry with his future castmates in clips like this, he ultimately won the part. You can read more about the cut scene here.

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While the clip has floated around online for years, Hamill shared some memories about it when journalist Carl Quintanilla retweeted the video and prompted the actor for some insight. “My screen-test for @starwars w/ Harrison on the 1st day I ever met him,” Hamill answered. “Neither 1 of us had read the script at this point, only this 1 scene.”

Hamill noted that when he asked Lucas what kind of movie they were making, the director replied, “Let’s just do it, we’ll talk about that later.” “We never did talk about it later — we just did it,” Hamill wrote.

The duo went on to star in four Star Wars feature films together, although they haven’t shared a scene since 1983’s Return of the Jedi. Ford’s last appearance in a Star Wars film was in 2015’s The Force Awakens, while Hamill can be seen in The Rise of the Skywalker, the third installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The film will premiere on Dec. 20.

Of course, while their onscreen characters may not have always gotten along, it seems Ford and Harrison are doing just fine in real life. In March, Hamill shared a picture of the two, captioning it, “What a Han/Luke reunion might have been like…”

Ford also reacted to Hamill’s funny impression of him in May, remarking that “he can have the job.”

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