Spider-Man: Far From Home is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe to make bank at the box office.

On Thursday, the Sony-Marvel Studios collaboration starring Tom Holland as the heroic wall-crawler will pass the $1 billion worldwide gross benchmark.

Going by the numbers, the Spider-Man sequel is the second highest-grossing international hit for Sony behind Skyfall. Far From Home is now the ninth film set in the MCU to surpass $1 billion worldwide box office gross. Domestically, it’s set to at least be the third biggest Spider-Man film behind director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2.

Credit: Sony Pictures

Part of the appeal of Far From Home has been the introduction of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, and the chemistry between him and Holland on and offscreen. “[We went] from doing some really, really powerful stuff and doing a great scene to us laughing our asses off for 20 minutes and driving the crew nuts,” Holland told EW in May. “We’re great friends off screen, so we kind of got to allow our relationship to blossom on screen.”

While a third Spider-Man film in the MCU is likely, given the success of Far From Home, it was not on the schedule that Marvel Studios released at Comic-Con 2019. Far From Home is Marvel’s last film of 2019; the next one isn’t until May 2020 and is Marvel’s other character with a spider-inspired name, Black Widow.

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