Imogen Poots and Pig Imogen Poots
Credit: Paul Redmond/FilmMagic; Sam Neill/Twitter

If you follow Sam Neill on Twitter, then you know that the Jurassic Park and Hunt for Red October star has a habit of giving the animals on his farm in New Zealand the same names as his famous costars. These include a pig named after Imogen Poots — the 28 Weeks Later and Green Room actress, who Neill appeared alongside with in the 2014 comedy, A Long Way Down — as well as a cow called Helena Bonham Carter and a chicken with the moniker of Meryl Streep. At least, Neill used to have a chicken named Meryl Streep. In a recent interview with Vulture the actor said the bird “was killed by a ferret recently. I found her as a pile of feathers one day.” Meryl Streep (the chicken) RIP!

In the same chat, Neill revealed that Imogen Poots (that’s Imogen Poots, the person) is “very invested” in her porcine namesake. “She’s filming something two miles down the road from me right now, so she’s anxious to finally meet her pig.”

And meet her pig she did!

Over the weekend, Neill posted a photo of the Poots pair meeting up on his farm

“If you’re a fan of Imogen Poots [ the Human type actress ] or Imogen Poots [ the Pig type Star ], you will be happy to know they met and bonded this week,” Neill wrote alongside the image. “Very little resemblance as it happens.”

See that photo below.

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