Deathcember teaser
Credit: Deathcember/ Epic Pictures

Ah, Christmas. ‘Tis the season of cherubic carol-singers, ruddy-cheeked Santas, lavishly-decorated fir trees, carefully-wrapped presents, giant bowls of eggnog and — according to the new teaser for the horror anthology film Deathcember — extreme, bloody mayhem.

This Advent calendar-themed movie features shorts by 24 directors, including Lucky McKee (May), Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust, Phantom of Death), Sam Wineman (director of an upcoming documentary about the history of queer horror on film), and Walking Dead actress Pollyanna McIntosh, who has just made her debut as a feature director with Darlin’, a sequel to McKee’s The Woman. The cast of Deathcember includes genre legend Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond, You’re Next, Beyond the Gates) Brianna Barnes (The Day), Sean Bridgers (Deadwood, Sweet Home Alabama), Johnny Vivash (Book of Monsters), Barbara Magnolfi (Suspira), and AJ Bowen (A Horrible Way to Die, The Signal, You’re Next).

Watch the, at times rather disturbing teaser, for Deathcember below.

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