The horrors are almost here. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark hits theaters next month, bringing infamous scares from the titular books by Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell to the big screen. And EW can exclusively debut a new featurette video with footage from the movie’s versions of stories like “The Big Toe” and “The Red Spot.”

In the Scary Stories books (written by Schwartz and illustrated by Gammell), the various tales are presented independently and not connected to each other. But the movie adaptation, directed by André Øvredal and produced by Guillermo del Toro, creates a frame narrative tying them all together. Set in the small town of Mill Valley in 1968, the Scary Stories film focuses on a group of teenagers — led by the inquisitive Stella (Zoe Colletti) — who find a mysterious book in an old house. As they read the book, stories start manifesting, and each kid gets matched up with a Schwartz/Gammell classic.

One of Stella’s best friends, Auggie (Gabriel Rush), gets paired with “The Big Toe.” As he eats a stew at home, he’s horrified to discover a human digit in the mix. But things really get scary when a corpse arrives at his house, wanting its toe back. Stella’s other bestie, Chuck (Austin Zajur), gets “The Dream” and the Pale Lady, the favorite monster of both Øvredal and del Toro. Chuck’s sister Ruth (Natalie Ganzhorn) gets “The Red Spot.” There’s more than just pus in the boil that’s appeared on her face…

Footage from “The Big Toe” and “The Red Spot” segments were originally premiered for New York journalists at a media event in June ahead of the second trailer’s debut, but now you can see them for yourself in the video above.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark opens Aug. 9.

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