There’s nothing cruel about this.

Reese Witherspoon posted a throwback photo of her and actress Selma Blair on Thursday from the set of Cruel Intentions, a photo she found “buried in a time capsule labeled ‘1999.’”

“@selmablair and I share so many great memories together, from #cruelintentions to #legallyblonde she’s always kept me laughing!” Witherspoon added in her caption.

Blair responded to the post commenting “I love this. I would love to see you soon. You are such a driven force of power and it has changed me for the better. I always ? you. Thanks for all the weekend food. Now I need some Draper James. I named my walker #sunny. Reminded me of your southern charm.” She also took the opportunity to make a bid for Big Little Lies season 3, joking “No pressure. Just something great !! In the background. Just putting it out there buhbye ?‍♀️?.”

While their paths don’t cross often in Cruel Intentions until the explosive ending, Witherspoon and Blair grew closer with Legally Blonde, where they go toe to toe as Harvard Law School rivals.

Cruel Intentions celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this year (check out EW’s reunion of stars Witherspoon, Blair, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ryan Phillippe here), and had a weeklong theatrical re-release.

Additionally, Legally Blonde has also remained relevant this past year thanks to Ariana Grande‘s blockbuster music video “Thank U, Next” where the singer pays homage to it, and the announcement of a third movie currently in the works.

Both Witherspoon and Blair are keeping very busy, with Witherspoon producing and starring in Big Little Lies on HBO, and Blair serving as a multiple sclerosis advocate as well as starring in Netflix’s upcoming series Another Life.

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