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Credit: Amazon Prime Studios

If you’re looking for a tropical summer getaway with added political resonance, Guava Island would be a safe bet.

Now, the creators of the island musical want to take you further behind the scenes and showcase the locations and artists of Cuba that helped bring the film to life.

Guava Island, which premiered at Coachella before hitting Amazon Prime in April, tells the story of Deni (Donald Glover), a musician determined to throw a music festival for his island community. Amidst political strife, Deni struggles to keep the festival on track and comfort his girlfriend, Kofi (Rihanna). The film incorporates several of Glover’s songs that he released under the moniker Childish Gambino, including “This Is America” and “Summertime Magic.”

Shot on location in Cuba over the course of the summer of 2018, the movie utilized many local artists and stunning locations to tell its story. To give viewers a glimpse into the process, Amazon has now released a series of behind-the-scenes videos taking audiences into the creation of the film’s distinctive world. The series of videos showcases the Cuban location where the movie was shot, a look into the history and tradition of the movie’s music, and a special introduction to the assorted local Cuban actors, dancers, and musicians featured.

“At its best (or maybe just its most accessible), art is ingenuity. I had the pleasure of experiencing this spirit of ‘making what you must with what you have’ collaborating with Cuba’s talented and abundant artists over the course of filming Guava Island,” said star and producer Donald Glover in a statement. “The artist’s endeavor has always been the manifesting of an idea, then forcing a society to recognize, or maybe just question, its value. These artists have not only inspired me to examine what we value on a day-to-day basis, but also to move with intention in the world with the childlike ingenuity that Cuba seems to offer every moment. I’m very proud to be able to share their stories with you.”

Check out the series of videos below.

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