Cumberbatch spent a lot of time preventing Holland from spilling Marvel secrets

Of course Benedict Cumberbatch has an impression of Tom Holland. They were paired together for the Avengers: Infinity War press tour, during which the guy behind Doctor Strange was in charge of keeping Spider-Man from spoiling the Endgame. Holland’s seen the impression and, he feels, it’s actually not bad.

“I have seen Benedict impersonate me and, actually, it’s not that bad,” Holland told BBC Radio 1 in promotion of Spider-Man: Far From Home. “He hasn’t got the accent or the voice, but he’s got the energy.”

It’s a high-energy impression at that. Holland had a habit of spilling the goods when it came to the Marvel movies, but then he realized Mark Ruffalo might be even worse.

Cumberbatch, waving his arms around during an Infinity War press junket, riffed, “Oh hi, guys. Hi, yeah, it’s Tom. Really excited to be here… No I can’t, otherwise I’ll admit secrets!”

I mean, fair.

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