Midsommar star Jack Reynor recently told EW how the film’s cast sat in shocked silence after watching Ari Aster’s acclaimed and just-released horror movie for the first time. But the Irish actor had an even more visceral reaction to wrapping his role on the film, which was shot outside Budapest in Hungary.

“I basically went from [the set] to the airport and I got f—king smashed,” said Reynor. “I said, ‘Send me on two flights home, don’t send me direct, I want to transfer, because I’m going to get even more f—ing hammered.”

[We should probably point out this is pretty much the dictionary definition of “irresponsible drinking,” although those who have seen the film might understand why cast members might have felt the need for alcoholic refreshment.]

In the movie, Reynor and Florence Pugh play an American couple, Dani and Christian, whose lovers’ bond has seen better days. The pair embark on a trip to Scandinavia with friends Mark (Will Poulter), Josh (William Jackson Harper), and Pelle (Vilhelm Blomgren), the latter of whom has invited them to visit his remote village in Sweden. “They’re a really weird, culty kind of commune,” Reynor told EW earlier this year.

Watch the trailer for Midsommar, in theaters now, above.

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