In director Adam Krause’s horror-comedy Gags the Clown, a mysterious clown bearing ominous black balloons appears to terrorize the town of Green Bay, WI. As a local news reporter, played by Lauren Ashley Carter (Imitation Girl, Darling) scrambles to reveal Gags’ true identity and the police attempt to maintain order in a city that is starting to go clown crazy, a group of high schoolers see Gags’ arrival as an excuse to cause a little copycat trouble themselves.

“I started reading it, and after the first five pages I thought, ‘Oh, these guys are really clever, this is really smart,'” says Carter. “The way that they do it, it’s a bunch of different POVs, so the format of that found footage changes based on the people. My character’s a newscaster, so all of the found footage is with the news camera. There’s people obviously using their phones and then there are other new reporters and cameras. So, it’s a lot of different kinds of formats and I really like the way that they did it. My character thinks it’s a POS story [Laughs]. But she has to follow it. As they start following it, and as other people stat getting into it, it turns out that this clown is actually malicious and that people that come in contact with him are found dead.”

Doppelgänger Releasing and Bloody Disgusting are debuting Gags the Clown in select cinemas and VOD in September.

Watch an exclusive clip from Gags the Clown above.

Gags Lauren Ashley Carter CR: Doppelgänger Releasing
Credit: Doppelgänger Releasing

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