Who would win in a fight between big screen killer dolls Chucky and Annabelle?

The Child’s Play folks have now given us a taste of what that conflict would look like — at least in their opinion — in the form of a new poster, below. Chucky emerges victorious, the aftermath showing the glass of Annabelle’s display case shattered, with Chucky’s knife in her headless body and a portion of his menacing reflection looking on.

We also recently posed that “who’d win” question to Seth Grahame-Smith, producer of the just-released Child’s Play remake, and Gary Dauberman, writer-director of Annabelle Comes Home (out June 26).

“Chucky, 10 times out of 10, with all due respect to Annabelle,” said Grahame-Smith, who is also a producer on the upcoming, Dauberman-written It: Chapter Two. “I love Gary Dauberman, but Chucky would kick Annabelle’s ass.”

“You know, I’m really excited to see that movie,” said Dauberman about the new Child’s Play. “But it feels like Chucky would have to work hard. Annabelle’s very good at just sitting and having other people do her bidding. The demon would, for sure, win. But it would be a f—ing great fight, I’ll say that.”

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