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Between the Child’s Play remake, Nightmare Cinema, Annabelle Comes Home (out June 26), and Midsommar (out July 3), there is a lot for horror fans to get excited about at the moment. But one of the films, which has inspired the most curiosity in the community of terror tale-lovers is singer Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut, the horror-thriller anthology Verotika. This is partly because of the Misfits frontman’s beloved status among metal-loving horror hounds and partly because of the reviews which followed the recent world premiere at Chicago’s Cinepocalypse festival, which strongly suggested that Tommy Wiseau’s The Room has some competition in the so-bad-it’s-amazing category.

“It’s fitting that the record label he started way back in the day was called Plan 9 records, because there are a number of moments in Verotika that recall the filmmaking style of Plan 9 from Outer Space director Ed Wood,” wrote Bloody Disgusting reviewer and F This Movie! editor-in-chief Patrick Bromley. “I’m not sure the tribute is intentional.” Bromley concluded by declaring the film to be a “catastrophe” but one thathas a future as a midnight movie in the same vein as The Room. There’s plenty of entertainment and plenty of laughs to be had, even if I’m not sure it’s what director Danzig originally intended. Creating a new horror cult favorite might just be the most punk rock thing he could have done.”

“The three stories are not only incoherent, they are also ineptly shot,” wrote Deirdre Crimmins of Rue Morgue. “The big joke in film criticism is that when a movie it truly terrible, you can always compliment the lighting or the fact that it was at least in focus. Neither accolade is earned here. Characters are out of frame, out of focus, and (at times) obviously just waiting for the shot to end so that they can get more direction from Danzig.”

“The arterial sprays, neck-breaking and removing of faces are hilariously staged. (The director confirmed in a post-film Q&A that the comedy was not intended),” wrote Blake Crane of Film Pulse. “I’m not sure if the crowd was supposed to laugh when a woman reveals she has eyes for nipples, but we sure did.”

Unintentional humor? Out-of-focus shots? A woman who has eyes for nipples? When can we see this thing? That’s a great question, crazy-voice-in-my-head. And the answer has just been revealed. Verotika is receiving its Los Angeles premiere at the Montalban Theater, June 25, and will subsequently be screened by Fathom in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and other markets. Cleopatra Entertainment will put out the film on VOD on Halloween, followed by a DVD and Blu-ray release later in the year.

Verotika stars Alice Haig, Ashley Wisdom, Kayden Kross, Natalia Borowsky, Rachel Alig, Scotch Hopkins, and Sean Kanan.

See the film’s new poster below.

Credit: Cleopatra Entertainment