By Clark Collis
June 21, 2019 at 04:32 PM EDT

Brian Tyree Henry was a huge fan of Chucky long before he played a cop in the just-released remake of Child’s Play.

“Yeah, man, I’ve just always been a fan of the franchise,” the Atlanta actor said last year, when EW visited the set of the just-released horror remake. “Don Mancini (writer-director, who created the character of Chucky) is a brilliant guy. I love everything he’s done. Like, literally, last Thanksgiving, I had my friends over, I ordered like the hugest sweet potato cheesecake, and I was like, Okay, guys, it’s a marathon.

But what is Henry’s favorite horror movie not to feature a certain psycho-doll?

“Other than Child’s Play?” said the actor. “Yeah, Nightmare on Elm Street, man. Freddy’s just sick. The one place you can’t protect yourself is in your dreams, and he can do and be anything. It’s more psychological. And also, he has great taste in clothes. That sweater is one of my favorites. Like, I have that sweater. And you can wear it at Christmas if you want. Wes Craven, I herald as one of the best that ever. It gets under your skin, man. It’s just brilliant storytelling.”

Watch the trailer for the new Child’s Play, above.

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