The new Netflix crime-thriller Point Blank (out July 12) stars Anthony Mackie as an ER nurse who teams with a badly injured career criminal, played by Mackie’s fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe veteran Frank Grillo, after the former’s pregnant wife is kidnapped and held as collateral. (Mackie and Grillo portray the MCU’s Falcon and Crossbones, respectively.) In Point Blank, pitted against rival gangs and a deadly ring of corrupt cops, the unlikely duo must find a way to survive together in the fight of their lives. The film costars Marcia Gay Harden, from Miller’s Crossing and The Mist.

Point Blank is written by Adam G. Simon and directed by Joe Lynch, whose previous credits include the Salma Hayek-starring Everly, the Steven Yeun- and Samara Weaving-starring Mayhem, and the horror anthology film Chillerama. Lynch also co-hosts the weekly movie podcast The Movie Crypt with Hatchet franchise director Adam Green (and the latter’s absurdly cute Yorkshire terrier, Arwen). Fans of The Movie Crypt will be unsurprised to learn that the just-released trailer for Point Blank contains a lot of bad language.

Watch that trailer, above.

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