Their mission in the final Angry Birds Movie 2 trailer, should they choose to accept it, is for friends and enemies to unite to take down a frozen threat. Yes, breakdancing is involved because sometimes that’s the only way to go unnoticed by guards.

In the latest preview for the animated sequel, the birds and pigs embrace their inner Bond, James Bond to face Zeta (Leslie Jones), the resident of a wintry Eagle Island who keeps shooting off giant balls of ice towards everyone else. To neutralize the threat to their homes, these former rivals tap into new secret agent gadgets to infiltrate her base of operations.

The pig introducing long-long-long-lasting Invisi-Spray is Garry, voiced by This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown.

“Garry is really awkward, really nerdy, to the point of arrogance and there is something incredibly humorous about that level of arrogance embodied in a pig,” Brown previously told EW of his character. “If there was a Q from the James Bond world, Garry would occupy that space, with the exception that half of his contraptions are kinda crappy. He’s doing the best he can with what he’s got.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rachel Bloom joins Team Angry Birds as Silver, described by Bloom as “a woman in science who doesn’t let her opinions be compromised by, in essence, a character that is always trying to mansplain her and who is threatened by her, which definitely airs sometimes to the experience of being a woman in comedy.”

Awkwafina also joins as pig Courtney, while Jason Sudeikis voices Red, Josh Gad voices Chuck, Danny McBride voices Bomb, Peter Dinklage voices Mighty Eagle, and Bill Hader voices Leonard. And don’t forget the hatchlings, who are tough enough to take on a “boa constructor” and live to tell the tale.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 will open in theaters on Aug. 14.

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