Ready or Not (2019 Movie)

Socializing with the in-laws can be a nightmare for any newlywed — especially when your new pseudo-mommy is a maniacal Andie MacDowell hellbent on driving an arrow into your skull.

That’s exactly what happens to Samara Weaving in the NSFW first trailer for Ready or Not, a bonkers, super violent horror-comedy from Devil’s Due co-directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.

The film centers on Weaving’s Grace, a young woman who marries into a wealthy clan keen on upholding the traditions of its forefathers — particularly those of its patriarchal board game tycoon, whose violent legacy current family members carry on by playing a different children’s game (selected at random) each time an outsider joins their ranks through marriage.

An innocent plot on the surface, Grace unfortunately makes the mistake of selecting hide-and-seek, the one game that, per family history, always ends in death, as her in-laws (and various members of their oddball bloodline, including Adam Brody as a recovering alcoholic) are required to kill their target after discovering his or her hiding place.

Judging by the trailer, the resulting cat-and-mouse pursuit takes some wild turns involving car crashes, fire, a blood-soaked wedding gown, and comically grisly demises for each of the mansion’s trio of maids.

Ready or Not enters wide release on Aug. 23. Watch the first trailer above.

Ready or Not poster CR: Fox Searchlight
Credit: Fox Searchlight

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Ready or Not (2019 Movie)
Andie MacDowell and Samara Weaving star in the campy revenge thriller 'Ready or Not.'
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