SKYFALL, from left: Naomie Harris, Daniel Craig as James Bond, 2012. ph: Francois Duhamel/©Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection
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Will they or won’t they? Ever since Naomie Harris made her debut as Eve Moneypenny in 2012’s Skyfall, fans have been waiting for the tough-as-nails character to hook up romantically with Bond…James Bond, played by Daniel Craig.

Although it has been teased in both Skyfall and Spectre, Harris doesn’t believe anything has happened yet but confirms there’s a strong chemistry between the two characters that’s undeniable, something she observed while recently revisiting their adventures when she binge-watched Craig’s journey as the super spy created by Ian Fleming.

“People always ask me if they slept together,” Harris tells EW exclusively. “I don’t think they did. I think Moneypenny and Bond can’t ever cross that line because they’re both so professional. There’s definitely something that’s been bubbling underneath but the question is, ‘Will it bubble over?'”

Harris, who will begin shooting Wednesday on Bond 25, admits she’s not completely sure what adventures await her character, who has been stuck on desk duty. Full scripts have not been provided to her yet, but she’s just happy that costar Craig is healing from an on-set injury and is back to work.

“I think they’ve already been shooting so I think he’s okay and back to work,” she explains. “He’s such a trooper and such a strong guy that I think even if he was still in pain, he would just chug along and make sure that we complete it on schedule.”

The official Twitter account for the film shared a photo of Craig on Saturday working out at the gym, preparing to get back on set this week. Set, in this case, means London and not exotic locations like Jamaica, where production took place most recently.

“I will not be headed to Jamaica,” Harris says. “I already went for one day for the press launch. For the first time in a long time, I’m shooting at home in London. That doesn’t happen very often, so I’m really excited about that. I get to sleep in my own bed, come home to my own home.”

While working on the latest Bond film, Harris is also preparing for the release of the Deon Taylor-directed action/thriller Black and Blue, where she plays rookie cop and military veteran Alicia West. West accidentally gets caught in the middle of corrupt cops just as they murdered a drug dealer.

So which of her two characters would win in a battle between them?

“Moneypenny is behind a desk now, she’s not even badass anymore,” Harris says. “That’s such a tough question. I don’t know. I’m going to go with Alicia just because Moneypenny, as you know, is a few years out of training now because she’s been behind a desk for quite some time and out of the field. Although she’s very, very capable, she’s a bit rusty. She would need to brush up on her skills a bit to be able to match Alicia. Alicia is fresh out of cop school, she’s a rookie cop. So she’s had all her training and she also served in the Army, as well. She’s also just fresh out of combat, as well. That’s why I think she could take down Moneypenny.”

But no need to pick one movie over the other; Bond 25 won’t hit the big screen until April 8, 2020, but Black and Blue opens on Oct. 25.

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