Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images; Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Everyone knows Fargo and Life in Pieces actor Colin Hanks has a famous actor father. But were you aware that the thespian in question is not Cast Away and Toy Story star Tom Hanks but Beetlejuice and Spotlight actor, Michael Keaton?

Ok, not really. But on Sunday, the younger Hanks celebrated Father’s Day with an Instagram post in which he pretended that his old man is indeed Keaton, or rather the character of auto industry employee Hunt Stevenson, who Keaton portrayed in Ron Howard’s 1986 comedy Gung Ho.

“Happy Fathers Day, to all the dads out there but specifically to my dad,” Hanks wrote in a note which accompanied an image of Keaton working on the trunk of a car. “He’s a good man and always lead by example. Like that time he rallied the guys to try and make that 15,000 cars per month quota to impress the big wigs at Assan Motors. He lead by example and gave his all. Of course, they didn’t make the quota but it was the effort that counts! Way to go Dad!”

It has now become a tradition for Hanks to mark the occasion by sharing an image of Keaton. Back in 2016, he posted a screen grab of the actor in another Howard-directed comedy, Night Shift. Last year, meanwhile, Hanks wished his real father a “Happy Father’s Day” but accompanied the message with a shot of Keaton in 1983’s Mr. Mom.

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