It’s the question that’s been on the minds of all Americans since Always Be My Maybe became a Netflix sensation: What has Leonardo DiCaprio done for climate change lately? And also, which songs are on Ali Wong‘s sex playlist? Oh, and did Randall Park really have a rap group past?

The stars of the romantic comedy — who also wrote the screenplay together — stopped by EW’s video studio to talk about their hit flick, but we decided to put them in the hot seat instead. Here at EW HQ, Vicebreaker was one of our favorite parts of Always Be My Maybe. You know, the game that’s basically truth or dare, but add Keanu Reeves and questions like “Who would you kill in this room?”

Wong and Park were game, and they talked about everything from why Randall’s car smells like chicken nuggets to why Ali is still scarred from a scoop of cookie dough to the most humiliating thing they’ve done to impress someone they like. Wong was also forced to choose three celebrity crushes that she would like to write a romantic comedy about — with the sole purpose of making out with them.

Her answers were Donald Glover, Riz Ahmed, and Michael B. Jordan (cosign!), but you’ll have to watch the video to find out the plotlines she has in store for the actors. Oh, and we know you’re still curious about those chicken nuggets.

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Always Be My Maybe (2019 movie)
Ali Wong and Randall Park star in 'Always Be My Maybe,' a film that reminds us endlessly meme-able rom-coms are what Netflix does best.
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