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Annabelle Comes Home (2019 Movie)

With the Child’s Play remake arriving in cinemas June 21 and Annabelle Comes Home hitting the big screen just five days later, this month is shaping up to be the best-ever when it comes to killer doll movies. But who would win in a fight between Chucky and Annabelle?

First off, we put the question to Gary Dauberman, who has written all three Annabelle films and also directed the James Wan-produced Annabelle Comes Home.

“You know, I’m really excited to see that movie,” said Dauberman about the new Child’s Play. “But it feels like Chucky would have to work hard. Annabelle’s vey good at just sitting and having other people do her bidding. The demon would, for sure, win. But it would be a f—ing great fight, I’ll say that.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Child’s Play producer Seth Grahame-Smith had a very different — if equally polite — take on the subject of who would win this battle royale.

“Chucky, ten times out of ten, with all due respect to Annabelle,” said Grahame-Smith, who is also a producer on the upcoming, Dauberman-written It: Chapter Two. “I love James Wan, and I love Gary Dauberman, but Chucky would kick Annabelle’s a–.”

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Annabelle Comes Home (2019 Movie)
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