You don't have to see the killer doll Chucky for him to exude maniacal malevolence. It's enough that you can hear him and that he can see you, as Gabriel Bateman's Andy Barclay discovers in the first clip released from the new version of Child's Play (out June 21).

First introduced to horror audiences in 1988's original Child's Play, Chucky starred in six sequels, most recently delivering his brand of homicidal mayhem in 2017's Cult of Chucky. Along the way, the pint-sized psycho became a bona fide horror icon and even popped up last year in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, which found a group of future-gamers being menaced ("It's f—ing Chucky!") and murdered by the knife-wielding maniac.

Now, Chucky is back in this remake, which stars Aubrey Plaza as a young mother named Karen who gifts her young son a robotic doll named Andy, unaware of its sinister potential. Directed by Norwegian filmmaker Lars Klevberg, the project also features the talents of the Chucky-voicing Mark HamillWalking Dead composer Bear McCreary, and producers Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg, who oversaw 2017's It and that movie's upcoming sequel. Brian Tyree Henry, meanwhile, plays a cop named Mike investigating a murder at Karen and Andy's apartment complex.

"He's a bit of a diva, honestly," the Atlanta and If Beale Street Could Talk actor said about Chucky last year when EW visited the film's set in Vancouver. "He has about six or nine people on his team. He doesn't really look at you. I try to stay my distance."

Watch that Child's Play clip above.

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