The Kitchen (2019 movie)

Can you feel the heat in The Kitchen?

On Thursday, Warner Bros. dropped the first official trailer for its upcoming mob movie The Kitchen starring Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elisabeth Moss. Helmed by first-time director Andrea Berloff, the upcoming crime drama is set in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen and based on the Vertigo comic-book series. The flick follows three 1970s housewives who — in the event of their mobster husbands’ incarceration — take Irish Mafia matters into their own hands, dealing with the competition more viciously and voraciously than anyone expected.

The trailer shows the ladies struggle to get by financially when their husbands are first sent away, but soon figure out how to use their particular talents to get by — soon McCarthy’s character Kathy can’t even get through the bundle of cash she’s counting before she looses her place. “Just to be clear, now we run this neighborhood,” she also warns the meddling men who don’t like being told what to do by women.

“I was excited by the idea of placing women in a position and world in which we don’t normally see them,” Berloff told EW from the set last summer. Added McCarthy: “It’s about these individuals instead of the Mafia as an entity…There was much more humanity to it, which also made it scarier.”

The Kitchen hits theaters Aug. 9.

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