It’s not easy being the new girl at work, especially if you’re the diversity hire in a workplace dominated by white men.

That’s the plight that befalls Mindy Kaling’s Molly in an exclusive new clip from her new movie, Late Night. After winning a competition at her factory workplace, Molly lands the job of her dreams writing for the only female late night talk show host on TV (played by Emma Thompson), but not everything goes smoothly as she tries to fit into her workplace and prove herself to her rather hostile colleagues.

As a diversity hire herself on NBC’s The Office, Kaling mined her own early years in Hollywood to craft the character of Molly for Late Night, her first feature film script, while also drawing on her current role as an experienced showrunner to create Thompson’s Katherine Newbury. “The joy of writing this movie was that it’s the only experience I’ve had where I identify so completely with the two leads and there’s not one that I feel more close to, even though I played one of the characters,” Kaling told EW.

We could tell you more, but who better than Mindy herself to introduce a clip from Late Night? Watch above.

Late Night hits theaters June 7.

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