Let's open these things.
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If you want an original Darth Vader action figure that’s mint-in-the-box from the 1970s, prepare to pay about $3,800 for it on eBay.

Or … you could buy a newly reissued one for $9.99. (And not feel guilty about tearing it open.)

Hasbro has reissued six of the classic action figures from the first series of toys to come out after the debut of Star Wars in 1977, and in the video above EW unboxes some samples of the retro playthings.

They are currently available exclusively at Target and will become more widely sold at other retailers starting in the fall. In addition to vinyl-caped Vader, you can also get Tatooine farm boy Luke Skywalker, both of which have wispy-tipped lightsabers that extend from their hollowed out forearms.

Yeah, they look a little odd, but those unusual sabers bring back a lot of memories for kids of the ’70s and early ’80s.

The other reissues are Princess Leia (who also had a cape for some reason), Chewbacca, Han Solo, and a generic Stormtrooper.

Kenner originally created these action figures, but the company was acquired by rival toymaker Hasbro in 1991, which continued the Star Wars license, producing a nearly non-stop line of new toys ever since.

Hasbro’s “Retro Collection” figures include similar packaging to the 1970s originals, although they’re marked with a new sticker to clearly identify them as new, to differentiate from the four-decade-old ones prized by collectors.

You can see the packages for each below.

Credit: Hasbro
Credit: Hasbro
Credit: Hasbro
Credit: Hasbro
Credit: Hasbro
Credit: Hasbro

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