The greatest appeal of an Elton John biopic is, of course, the music. (Well, more accurately, the sex scenes and the Elton John music).

We can't show you the sex scenes — you'll have to wait for the big screen for that — but we can, however, offer a sneak peek into one of the musical numbers. In this exclusive clip, Egerton slips into a pair of flared overalls — one of the film's many elaborate costumes — to belt out "Crocodile Rock" in a re-creation of his iconic performance at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. The singing, as with the movie's entire soundtrack, is done by Egerton himself (unlike another recent biopic).

Rocketman follows the often turbulent early life of the prodigious singer, watching him launch his career alongside lyricist and frequent collaborator Bernie Taupin (played by Jamie Bell) and manager John Reid (Richard Madden). Egerton put on quite the transformation for the role, donning prosthetic teeth and a fake receding hairline as well as taking dancing lessons alongside now-good friend Madden, as he told EW last fall.

"I found it to be fairly challenging," Egerton said of the film's dance scenes. "Only because it took a while for me to build my confidence with it. I think that's why you do these periods of training before starting a movie because the confidence it gives you allows you to forget about your insecurities on set and just focus on being entertaining."

Much to the Internet's delight, his then-newfound friendship with Madden (who starred in the hit TV drama Bodyguard) helped make the learning curve a little less painful.

"A lot of the dancing I do with Richard Madden in the film," Egerton said. "And we both went through it together because we're, well, we're okay but not exceptional."

Watch the full clip above and stay tuned for more Rocketman coverage.

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