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When Olivia Wilde joined Booksmart as its director, star Kaitlyn Dever had already been cast as Amy, one of two leads in the story about a pair of super smart, super confident high school seniors who realize that their focus on college — and eventually running the world — might have gotten in the way of having fun. And so, the duo heads out for what they hope will be an unforgettable night of debauchery. But when Wilde arrived on the scene, the duo was not yet complete.

With Dever playing Amy, they needed to find the perfect Molly, and for Wilde, the answer had obvious: Beanie Feldstein. “Beanie was attached way before she knew she was attached because there was no way I was going to let this movie be made with anyone else,” Wilde says, with Dever adding, “I remember our first meeting and you were like, ‘It will be Beanie and nobody else and this movie is not going to be made without her.'”

Wilde had seen Feldstein in 2017’s Lady Bird and felt strongly that she was right for the part, a fact that Feldstein still can’t wrap her head around. “I just don’t understand,” Feldstein says of Wilde’s confidence. “I was like, ‘Pardon me, ME?!'”

But Wilde stands by her decision. As she puts it, “I’ve never been so right about anything in my life.”

Booksmart hits theaters Friday.

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