Ma (2019 movie)

Octavia Spencer’s title character in Ma has two rules: Don’t make her drink alone, and definitely don’t serve her attitude, because the consequences will most likely be severe… and very painful.

Nevertheless, in an exclusive preview of the upcoming horror flick, a band of hard-partying teens (played by Diana Silvers, McKaley Miller, Corey Fogelmanis, Dante Brown, and Gianni Paolo) seem to want to learn their lesson the hard way. After previously befriending the reclusive Ma so they could use her basement to carry out their teenage debauchery in private, they decline a tempting invitation to party at her house again.

“I got us a beer pong table, and a keg of Bud Light is on ice if ya’ll are all down to clown!” Ma says, cornering the kids as they leave school. When the boys decline, Ma’s optimistic smile quickly turns to a menacing frown, and she turns her attention to her fellow females for support.

“Who needs ya’ll! Girls, you guys wanna party like rock stars?” she asks, though they’re not in the mood either.

“Damn, Ma. Don’t you got a job?” Miller asks. “Yeah, I guess I should work a double since you guys don’t have time for me,” Ma says through a scowl, to which Miller responds: “Girl, you need a man.”

Wrong move.

“Girl, you need to watch your mouth!” Ma claps back. And, seeing as the film’s trailer previews a particularly intense sequence in which Ma sews someone’s mouth shut, we’re guessing the young lady in question might soon come to regret her tone.

Though she performs devilish acts in the film, Spencer previously told EW she enjoyed liberating herself from “archetypes people only want to see me as” by diving into the twisted role with her The Help director and longtime friend, Tate Taylor.

“Black people always die in the first 15 minutes of a horror film,” the Oscar-winning actress said, recalling her initial skepticism upon hearing Taylor’s initial pitch for the disturbing, darkly funny revenge story. “He said, ‘Not only do you not die, you get to kill people!’”

She was sold.

“I had to change [the standard] for myself,” she added. “[For] the next young woman of color to be able to play every type of role.”

Ma hits theaters May 31. Watch EW’s exclusive clip above.

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Ma (2019 movie)
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