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When Captain Marvel hit theaters in March, there were multiple breakout performances. Brie Larson was, of course, impressive as the high-flying, part-alien hero who can shoot fire from her fists and disarm bad guys with a well-timed quip. Lashana Lynch was another standout as Carol’s old Air Force buddy Maria Rambeau, a tough and loyal friend who can fly anything, even a spaceship. And good ol’ Ben Mendelsohn stole every scene he was in as a bright-green, shape-shifting baddie with an unexpected soft side.

But there was one Captain Marvel actor who stood above all others, delivering a powerful, layered performance that was at once adorable, comedic, and menacing: Goose the cat.

Ahead of the Captain Marvel home release, EW has an exclusive look at a behind-the-scenes video centering on all things Goose. Appropriate to the film’s 1995 setting, the video has a distinctly ’90s VHS aesthetic, and it introduces the orange cat who turns out to secretly be a flerken, an intergalactic alien with Cthulu-like tentacles inside its stomach.

Goose was played by multiple cats, but the role primarily belonged to a 12-year-old tabby named Reggie. Watch the video above to see Reggie in action (complete with plenty of behind-the-scenes purrs and cuddles).

Captain Marvel will be available digitally May 28 and on Blu-ray starting June 11.

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Captain Marvel (2019) posterCR: Marvel Studios
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