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The following article contains spoilers for Pokémon Detective Pikachu. Do not read unless you’ve the seen the movie.

Can you believe that Sonic the Hedgehog showed up for a face-off?!?!

Okay, I was just testing you. But seriously, don’t continue reading unless you want to be spoiled on Detective Pikachu.



Pikachu, you are the father!

When EW interviewed Detective Pikachu (a.k.a. Ryan Reynolds) last month, we asked what he could say about his investigation into the disappearance of his partner Harry Goodman. “I could kill you. But then I’d have to tell you,” he responded. His secretive response should have tipped us off, but no one could have expected the twist that’s revealed late in Detective Pikachu.

The films opens with Mewtwo appearing to send a car, which we later learn contains Harry and Pikachu, crashing off the road. The accident results in Pikachu losing his memory and partnering up with Harry’s son, Tim (Justice Smith), to figure out what happened. Well, it turns out Mewtwo is actually a good Pokémon and was attempting to save the duo during the crash. With Harry, who we only ever see face down, apparently suffering fatal injuries, Mewtwo put Harry into Pikachu’s body. Yes, that means throughout the movie that Pikachu was actually Tim’s dad, and neither of them knew it.

But the twists don’t stop there! The final scene features Reynolds’ voice — and the rest of him. Harry is now back in his own body, and he’s portrayed by none other than the Deadpool star. Pikachu is there too, but back to his classic non-human talk. The three all decide to live happily ever after together in Ryme City.

And yet, we are left with like a million questions:

  • Wait, so was Harry dead?
  • If so, how is he back alive?
  • We just spent a movie falling in love with talking Detective Pikachu, and now all that character building is just gone?
  • A sequel is in the works, so how the hell is that going to work?
  • Can you have a Detective Pikachu movie without a talking Detective Pikachu?
  • Will they try to backtrack and return Reynolds to the body of Pikachu?
  • Is this now just a triple buddy cop franchise?
  • Is Ryan Reynolds this dedicated to Pokémon?
  • Why didn’t we get Pikachu dancing?

Hopefully we’ll get the answers to these burning questions soon. Pokémon Detective Pikachu is in theaters now.

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