Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg were supposed to return this year. We'll have to wait a while longer.

Indiana Jones 5 is still happening.

As part of its eight-year movie schedule, Disney still has the movie down for July 21, 2021 — although the project was originally planned for this year when it was first announced in 2016.

Remember, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

For now, director Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford remain committed to another journey for the archaeologist, although some fans began to worry as time went on and the project was postponed whether either of them would step out.

Spielberg’s will first do his take on the Sharks and Jets gangland musical West Side Story, with a new script by Angels in America playwright and Lincoln screenwriter Tony Kushner. On the new Disney release slate, that movie has been set for Dec. 18, 2020

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
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Ford, who turns 77 this year, next stars in an adaptation of Jack London’s classic frontier story The Call of the Wild as prospector John Thornton — that title also belong’s to Disney after its Fox acquisition, and it has been moved in Tuesday’s announcement from this December to a Feb. 21 debut.

Spielberg joked about how far off it a return to Indiana Jones felt — back in 2016. “Well, somebody told me I’m scheduled to make one of those again someday, but that’s not for a couple of years,” he told EW. Now it’s not for a couple more.

A version of the Indy 5 script was penned by David Koepp, who adapted Jurassic Park, Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, and the last Indiana Jones movie Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but that draft was later picked up by Jonathan Kasdan, co-writer of Solo: A Star Wars Story (whose father, Lawrence, wrote the original Raiders script).

Just prior to The Force Awakens opening in theaters, Ford discussed the enduring legacy of both Han Solo and his equally iconic archaeologist. “I must say that I think the luck of my career is that, between Star Wars and Indiana Jones, I had the opportunity to bank a bunch of films that are reintroduced to succeeding generations, which basically have kept me… at least they’ve kept [audiences] acquainted with me,” Ford told EW. “And that’s been good for me.”

Asked specifically if he wanted to play Jones again, Ford gave an unequivocal yes. “Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’d love to do another Indiana Jones,” he said. “You know, an audience being there that has enjoyed the films, a character that has a history and a potential, kind of a rollicking good movie ride for the audience, Steven Spielberg as a director — what’s not to like?”

Only the wait, Harrison. Only the wait.

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