Get ready for late night television like you’ve never seen it before — as a movie (and actually funny)!

On Wednesday, the new trailer for the Mindy Kaling-helmed Late Night dropped. The upcoming workplace comedy features Emma Thompson as once-ground-breaking-now-washed-up late night talk show host Katherine Newbury who, on the verge of losing her show, embarks on a game-changing transformation with the help of diversity hire Molly Patel (Kaling).

Late Night_05.18.18_#96.raf
Credit: Emily Aragones/Amazon Studios

While Molly is originally employed to fill a female-of-color quota, Katherine soon discovers that her writers’ room of white men who graduated from elite colleges does indeed need a shakeup and Molly is just the one to do it. As Molly pushes to introduce new bits and a taste of politics to the monologue, she inevitably encounters pushback — but there’s also romantic liaisons and surprise friendships along the way. Kaling — who’s no stranger to playing characters up against it in workplace scenarios — told EW Molly is “flawed” but “much more of a grounded, vulnerable character, who is a little bit more relatable than I’m used to playing.”

Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling
Credit: Amazon Studios

Written by Kaling, Late Night also stars Max Casella, Hugh Dancy, John Lithgow, Denis O’Hare, Reid Scott and, Amy Ryan.

Get a taste of the laughter to come in the trailer above.

Late Night is released June 7.

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