Sonic, Detective Pikachu
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Nowadays, you should never blue yourself. Arrested Development tried to warn us, but Aladdin and Sonic the Hedgehog are finding out the hard way.

On Tuesday, Paramount released the first trailer for their live-action animation film based on the Sega video game series about the blazing fast fur-ball. To borrow—and alter—a line from the video, “The internet thinks you’re basic.” Adding injury to insult, the wildly mocked trailer comes out the same day that EW ran our exclusive interview with Detective Pikachu, whose adorable furry character’s own upcoming arrival on the big screen has been greeted with warmth and anticipation.

So why such a difference in the reactions to Sonic and Detective Pikachu? Here’s EW’s official breakdown.


Yes, Pikachu might foolishly jump into the closed box of a Pokémon mime, but Sonic is causing energy surges that knock out the power across the entire Northwest. While the people of Seattle surely miss their basketball team, it’s not worth putting up with all of that just to get one Supersonic back (and they surely would rather have Kevin Durant).

Advantage: Pikachu


Pikachu wants to get his memory back and find his missing partner, while Sonic says he wants to save the world. But with speeds of 760 MPH and a producer from the Fast & Furious, I’m suspicious that Sonic is really just out here trying to become part of Dominic Toretto’s family.

Advantage: Pikachu

Criminal Activity

As previously mentioned, Sonic is breaking traffic laws and committing crimes, and this is all as Pikachu is solving crimes. And don’t even get us started on the Sonic trailer’s use of “Gangsta’s Paradise.” They heavily relied on this Coolio track just days after Pikachu told EW of his hometown: “It’s gangster’s paradise.” Is it a coincidence that in the year 2019 that two furry creatures would be referencing Coolio? You don’t need to be a detective to close that case.

Advantage: Pikachu

The Look

Give Pikachu a tiny hat and magnifying glass, you get universal praise. Give Sonic human teeth, small eyes, and $90 million, you get jokes and comparisons to Mike Myers in Cat in the Hat.

Advantage: Pikachu


“Pika Pika” > “Meow?”

Advantage: Pikachu

The Verdict

It’s unanimous: Pikachu is lovable and Sonic is creepy.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu opens in theaters on May 10, while Sonic the Hedgehog races to screens on Nov. 8.

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