The Marvel finale has a shot at becoming the biggest movie of all time

By Anthony Breznican
April 26, 2019 at 11:41 AM EDT
Marvel Studios
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It’s not even the weekend, and Avengers: Endgame has already earned $305 million worldwide.

The conclusion of Marvel Studios’ decade of interlocked movies in on track to have the biggest debut in film history based on early returns from Thursday alone.

In North America, Endgame earned $60 million yesterday — beating the $57 million set by previous preview night record-holder Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Internationally, the film opened in 25 countries on Wednesday, and 21 more on Thursday, earning that total of nearly a third of a billion dollars by this morning.

Disney reports it is setting single-day records in 31 nations, and is surging well ahead of last year’s Infinity War, which currently stands as the No. 4 movie of all time, with $2.04 billion in earnings.

Ahead of Infinity War at No. 3 is The Force Awakens, with $2.06 billion, No. 2 Titanic with $2.18 billion, and Avatar with $2.78 billion.

Endgame stands a very real chance of taking the all-time top spot, and if these numbers hold it could also become the first movie in history to have a billion-dollar debut.

Here are just a few of the individual country tallies for Endgame (in millions).

China $154.5
UK $15.3
Korea $14.6
Australia $13.9
Italy $10.4
Germany $9.7
France $9.6
Philippines $7.0
Brazil $7.0
Indonesia $5.1
Hong Kong $4.9
Taiwan $4.4
Thailand $4.1

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