This is our plan for covering the film while protecting those still waiting to see it

By Anthony Breznican
April 25, 2019 at 04:11 PM EDT
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Do you trust us?

Entertainment Weekly is not going to ruin this for you. Promise.

Avengers: Endgame is finally hitting theaters, and it’s going to have people talking when they come out the other side. We’ve got very cool insight into the twists, turns and backstory of the making of the Marvel Studios epic, and we intend to begin sharing those stories as moviegoers roll out of the theaters.

But not everybody can see it right away, so for opening weekend we have a plan to protect those viewers from accidental reveals while still answering questions and explaining the choices behind the movie’s surprises.

As Hawkeye/Ronin/Jeremy Renner explained to EW in our Original Six roundtable: “The only thing I can guarantee about Endgame is that it’s going to begin and then…it’s going to end. At some point.”

Here’s what to expect

You won’t stumble across a headline that straight-up tells you what happened.

We’re also going to try to avoid using photos that give away too much. If you see an image, don’t make an assumption about what it means. It may have been chosen as a misdirect.

Each character will have a final scene, regardless of what happens to them. Readers shouldn’t automatically interpret a story about a character as a signal their favorite has died.

Wherever possible, we’ll start with a non-spoiler intro, and then a safeguard cushion between that and the actual explanation.

If there’s a question in the headline, know that it’s not designed as clickbait — it’s most likely meant to leave the topic open for those who don’t want a headline to contain the full answer. In the body of the article, below the spoiler buffer, we’ll tell you what’s what and why.

Where to find what you do want to read

For people looking for specific answers after the screenings, we’ll be publishing new articles through the weekend. But we won’t be sharing all of them right away to social media.

We will be rounding all of that coverage into one master post — which will include spoilers — and sharing that throughout opening weekend. Basically, it’s a table of contents. In some cases we’ll preview pieces we have coming up, and other times we’ll leave it blank until the article is ready.


We’re saving the heaviest spoiler topics for later in the weekend. Hopefully, this respects our readers and fulfills the #DontSpoilTheEndgame pledge, while also giving those who have already watched it a place to explore what they’ve seen in more depth.

Now — on to the post-game coverage of Endgame.

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