Last year’s Conjuring universe spin-off movie The Nun surprised many with its Hammer Films-meets-Lucio Fulci vibe and its huge success, with the movie eventually raking in a worldwide gross of over $365 million. Less of a surprise? That we’ll probably see a sequel to the Taissa Farmiga-starring horror film in the not-too-distant future.

“I think there is an inevitability to another Nun movie,” Peter Safran, who has produced all the Conjuring universe films, tells EW. “We have a really fun storyline for that teed up, so I think that that’s the next one that will be written.”

The character of the Nun, played by Bonnie Aarons, first appeared in 2016’s James Wan-directed The Conjuring 2 and was a late addition to the film.

“Yeah, it was two days of additional shooting,” says Safran. “We just felt like the demon that we had in Conjuring 2 was not as compelling as we wanted it to be. It was James of that came up with the idea. You know, what’s the most blasphemous thing you could think of? And that is a demonic nun.”

The Nun was directed by British filmmaker Corin Hardy, director of 2015’s Ireland-set folk-horror movie, The Hallow.

“After Annabelle 2, we said, ‘We’ve told several families-in-danger in a possessed environment [films],” says Safran. “We really wanted to go far away from that in terms of its look, its feel, the geography, the landscape, everything. Once we knew that people were truly interested in The Nun we said, ‘This is a perfect opportunity to take it outside of America, to take it outside of what people are familiar with, and really place it in a unique environment.’ [We] went over there and shot in Transylvania at those incredible hooded-door castles. There’s nobody better for it than Corin was, because he embraced every element of the journey, of the difficulties of shooting there — to him that made it better, that made it more fun to shoot. He did a wonderful job under very very difficult circumstances. Even though, obviously, the film was somewhat savaged by critics, you don’t get to that kind of box office success without at least the audience the enjoying it. It’s impossible, you can’t have that.”

Safran was speaking to EW on the Los Angeles set of evil doll threequel Annabelle Comes Home (out June 28), in which Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their Conjuring series roles of supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

“This film starts right after the prologue of the first Conjuring,” says Safran. “Ed and Lorraine, they bring Annabelle home, they put her in her case. The reason they had to put her in kind of a sanctified case is because she is a beacon for other spirits. We cut to a year later, and she ends up activating a lot of the artifacts that are in the artifact room. It all takes place over the course of one night, involving their daughter Judy (Mckenna Grace), her babysitter (Madison Iseman), and the babysitter’s best friend (Katie Sarife).”

Watch the trailer for Annabelle Comes Home, above.

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