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He’s been a Buy More geek. A wrangler of Chipmunks. One of Thor’s Asgardian buddies. And now he’s Shazam, the grown-up version of a teenage orphan with incredible powers. But does Zachary Levi have the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, courage of Achilles, and all the rest to handle eight of EW’s Stupid Questions?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In 2008, you were named one of EW’s Top 30 People Under 30. Do you feel you’ve held up your end of the bargain?
ZACHARY LEVI: I think so. At long last, I did end up becoming a superhero, but maybe the other 29 are bound to become leaders who change the world and then I’m just a schmuck-o actor who didn’t belong on the list to begin with.

Can you go into a Best Buy or are you still traumatized from your years on Chuck?
I can definitely go into a Best Buy. And I get a slightly higher level of service based on whether they recognize me as one of their own.

Your Marvel character Fandral was killed off in Thor: Ragnarok without a line of dialogue. What would he have said if they actually let you speak?
At the very least, I would say hi to my mom or “For ASGARD!” — that would have been quite nice, something to give Fandral a more ceremonious death.

Are you just using DC to make your ex jealous? Do you secretly hope that starring in Shazam! makes Disney re-hire you like they did James Gunn after he landed Suicide Squad?
Totally. Doing Shazam! is just me thirst-tweeting at Marvel.

Which of Shazam’s six superpowers would you most hate to have?
I guess I would most hate to have Electricity, the power of Zeus — with that much electricity running through your body you’re bound to eventually electrocute somebody.

Henry Cavill declined to make a Superman cameo in Shazam! How much of that is your fault?
Entirely my fault! I’m too intimidating to Henry. He sees this guy who played a nerd in a big-box store and took care of chipmunks and he’s like, “Once I’m next to him, how is everybody going to believe that I’m Superman?”

You’re a Christian who plays a comic book superhero. But who does Jesus love more: You or Chris Pratt?
He loves Chris more. Because Chris is more famous.

And finally: This might be too on the nose, but have you ever considered starting a jeans company called… Zachary’s?
Every damn day!

Shazam! is in theaters now.

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