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In the latest edition of Couch Surfing on PeopleTV, Danny DeVito looks back on that time a monkey once attacked his groin on the set of Batman Returns. It's been more than two years since he told a similar story on The Graham Norton Show and it's still on his mind when he sees clips of himself as The Penguin.

Watching a clip of Penguin biting off a nose in the Tim Burton film, DeVito recalled, "It was a long staircase and the monkey was delivering a note to The Penguin from Batman. They had a handler or whatever on the top of the thing and there was a person down below and they called the monkey with the note."

The wild factor, however, was DeVito dressed in full Penguin attire. "They roll the cameras, monkey comes down the steps, I walk over in the Penguin suit drooling this gop and… making sounds," he recalled. "The monkey looked at me, froze, and then leapt right at my balls."

"Thank god it was a padded costume," he added. The Dumbo actor joked he would be leading a much different life if it weren't.

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