By Nick Romano
March 30, 2019 at 04:47 PM EDT

San Diego. The greatest city in the history of mankind, according to Ron Burgundy, just hosted its first Anchorman sports mascot race and got a whole lot classier in the process.

During a Padres baseball game on Friday, the inaugural dash at Petco Park between the four members of the Channel 4 news team kicked off. Mascots of Mr. Burgundy, Champ Kind, Brian Fantana, and Brick Tamland  raced each other for eternal glory — and Burgundy easily bested his fellow newsmen.

According to ABC News 10, the race was a collaboration between Paramount Pictures (home of the Anchorman franchise) and actors Will Ferrell (Burgundy), David Koechner (Kind), Paul Rudd (Fantana), and Steve Carell (Tamland). The mascots, made in their likenesses, can be seen primarily on the weekends at Petco Park and during special games.

Now that Ferrell’s Burgundy has his own podcast, we wonder what the renown jazz flute player has to say about all of this.

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